Bathroom trends for 2022

The team at Shenran recently discovered interesting bathroom trends that are unfolding this year. Have you implemented any of these in your home?

  • Plants. Plants are making their way into the bathroom, providing a spa-like feel to the space. The best plants for a bathroom are the ones that love moisture and do well in low light.
  • Spa-like finishes. To add to that spa-like feel, luxury features such as stylish hardware, minimal framing, and solid granite or quartz countertops, are gaining popularity.
  • Murals/statement walls. Who says bathroom walls have to be tiled or plain white? 

A common theme links these trends: relaxation. With more people having spent more time at home these past couple of years, it’s no wonder they may want a space to retreat to at home.

Shenran provides luxury faucets and vanities to help turn your bathroom into a true sanctuary. Contact us for more information.



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