Best finishes for engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed to be durable, yet a great finish can provide it with extra protection, and help maintain its beauty.

You can choose from several finishes. Here are a few common ones:

  • Water-based polyurethane. This clear finish will give your flooring a wet look, providing the traditional look and feel of hardwood.
  • Oil sealer or penetrating oil sealer. If you’d like to bring out your wood’s grain patterns and enhance its colour, then this option is the way to go. Bonus: It’s easy to apply.
  • Hard wax oil. This finish provides a warm, natural finish, as well as excellent protection.  
  •  Aluminum oxide. This option offers an extremely durable finish. Engineered hardwood floors often have a thinner veneer than natural hardwood, which makes an aluminum oxide finish a great choice.



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