Give your bathroom a spa-like feel

Spas are a common place to go to relax and unwind, but that’s not always possible. The next best solution is to create a spa-like environment right in your own bathroom. Try these tips from Shenran:

  •  Add one or two plants that are in a pot that looks made from a natural material, such as stone or wood.

  •  Surround the planter with a few rocks or stones.

  •  Light candles in your bathroom when you’re taking a soothing bath. We like soy candles in relaxing scents such as lavender, vanilla and eucalyptus.

  • Treat yourself to thick, white towels and a comfortable robe to wrap yourself in after your bath or shower. 

  • Consider updating your faucet to add a luxurious feel to your space. Shenran even provides faucets that feature a “quiet design” that provides a softer and more quiet water flow.



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