Hardwood flooring gets exotic

Move over, oak. Exotic woods have been featuring in hardwood flooring. The team at Shenran has looked at various types:

  •  Brazilian cherry wood is a high-density wood that’s a little more stable than red oak. It has a reddish colour, with a medium to coarse grain.
  • Cork floors provide sustainability and durability, and a cushioning effect under your feet. It comes in a range of shades, with a unique grain. 
  • Wenge, which is more durable than red oak, is from Africa. It looks black or dark brown as a floor, and has a straight, coarse grain.
  • Sydney blue gum is a very hard, tough wood from Australia with a straight, coarse grain. It’s reddish brown, but colour variations are possible.

Another durable and stable hardwood flooring option is engineered hardwood. It comes in a variety of finishes, and is just as beautiful as natural hardwood.


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