Kitchen trends for 2022

Our previous post looked at bathroom trends for 2022, so this time the Shenran team would like to let you in on what’s popular in kitchens this year:

  •  Colorful cabinetry. So long, white or wood cabinets. Blues, rich reds and deep greens are taking the spotlight in kitchens.
  • Glazed tile. Backsplashes are featuring fewer matte finishes and going glossy. Bonus: Glazed tiles reflect light around the room.
  •   Natural elements. The use of marble and granite has increased during the pandemic, according to Homes & Gardens.
  •   Customizable appliances. From colored appliances to custom paneling, homeowners are taking advantage of flexible design options.
  • Softer shapes. Think round kitchen islands and rounded corners on tables that will give your kitchen an elegant and sophisticated touch.
  • Attention-grabbing kitchen faucets. Bye-bye chrome and stainless steel, hello fittings in gold and copper. 


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