Modern vanity meets modern flooring

A vanity can revamp the look and feel of your customers’ bathrooms, and maximize their use of space. Modern bathroom vanities are simple and functional, and anything but boring. 

Take a floating bathroom vanity from Shenran, for example. These are anchored to the wall. They don’t extend all the way to the floor, creating the illusion of floating in the space.

Add in an elegant design that features sleek handles and clean lines, and you have a vanity that’s a perfect fit for just about any decor.

Some consumers are then pairing their vanity with engineered hardwood flooring. 

Engineered hardwood is a great choice for bathrooms, since it’s made to be durable, stable, and less prone to shrinkage. This is because it’s manufactured with wood that has controlled moisture content.

Shenran provides vanities and engineered hardwood flooring in large quantities. Contact us for stock and start helping your customers create the modern bathroom of their dreams.


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