Top 3 kitchen faucet picks in 2022

Top 3 kitchen faucet picks in 2022
Kitchen faucets are one of the most high-touch surfaces in a home. They’re handled every day, and sometimes not as gently or as hygienically as they should be, in the rush to leave in the morning or get dinner on the table. 
The best kitchen faucets, such as the ones supplied by Shenran, are built to withstand all kinds of wear and tear as they accent a kitchen’s style.
Throughout our seven years in business, we’ve noticed homeowners, builders and renovators choose the same types of faucets time and again:
•   Pull-out faucets, which enable anyone to fill a pot quickly and easily
•   Single-handle faucets, which can be turned on or off with an elbow when hands are full or dirty
•   Wall-mounted faucets, which create more space on a countertop
Complete your new build, renovation or remodel, or stock your inventory, with quality faucets from Shenran.



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